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NGA Law works closely alongside the team at Brilliant Beginnings. Our directors, Natalie Gamble and Helen Prosser, founded Brilliant Beginnings in 2013 to provide a professionally-managed surrogacy service for the first time in the UK. Helen and Natalie's experience with NGA Law had made them acutely aware of the vulnerability of informal UK surrogacy arrangements and the difficulties experienced by UK parents going overseas for surrogacy.  They wanted to provide professional support which would enable safe ethical surrogacy, with a vision of underpinning the relationship-based ethos of UK surrogacy with stronger safeguards, and helping UK parents navigate ethical international surrogacy more smoothly. Brilliant Beginnings works on a non-profit basis.

Our client managers

Stephen Ashe

Stephen is responsible for managing our client development. Level-headed, methodical and down to earth, he has a varied background in management and as a police detective. His warmth and generosity in enabling others to achieve their dreams of having children stems from his own surrogacy journey. Stephen offers support and guidance from start to finish, and ensures that relationships with intended parents, surrogates and their professional partners flourish effectively. He believes passionately in helping to drive surrogacy law reform in the UK. Stephen has two children through surrogacy in the UK.

Gemma Hart-Dyke

As one of our client managers, Gemma’s focus is on ensuring that every surrogacy journey is stable from start to finish. Her unending patience and thoughtfulness ensures that intended parents and surrogates (and the professionals working with them) are guided smoothly and sensitively. Gemma’s background in legal marketing, project management and professional client service shines through in all she does. She offers bright optimism to surrogates and intended parents and offers new surrogates guidance and a sensible grounding. Gemma has two young children.

Esther Ezquerro

As one of our client managers, Esther ensures the teams she supports have a smooth surrogacy experience, whatever their situation. She is always a step ahead to help navigate the myriad of choices available and goes the extra mile to ensure that the best choices are to hand. Esther’s background in a family law team, at an adoption and fostering agency and as a volunteer at Refugee Action and Citizen’s advice give her the drive and tenacity to help create families. Her zest and professionalism ensure that her teams feel secure and actively supported. Esther is mum to one young child.

Laura Clarke

As one of our client managers, and an experienced surrogate, Laura’s warmth and kindness have shone through her career as an NHS nurse for over 15 years and now as a client manager with Brilliant Beginnings.  She has a degree in Public Health, has successfully carried four children as a surrogate across three surrogacy journeys, the last with Brilliant Beginnings.  With her combination of surrogacy and medical experience, she adds empathy, practicality and understanding to any journey.  She has two beautiful children of her own and believes passionately in making surrogacy easier.  As a registered nurse, she is also our in-house clinical lead.

Our surrogate managers

Tracey Sims

Tracey came to Brilliant Beginnings in 2015 as a surrogate, having previously been an egg donor too, and she gave birth to a surrogate baby in 2018.  With four daughters of her own, she felt lucky to be a parent and it meant so much to her to help another couple experience parenthood, something she feels is ‘the most rewarding thing I have ever done’. As one of our surrogate managers, Tracey guides and supports new surrogates as well as raising awareness of surrogacy. Calm and clear, she provides invaluable reassurance to women at all stages of their journey. She loves talking about surrogacy in general and answering any questions, whether on a call, in conversation or when speaking at events.

Teresa Coote

Teresa joined the team in June 2020 after her own surrogacy journey with Brilliant Beginnings. She gave birth to healthy twins in 2018 and, after a complicated delivery, found the support she received from the team (who she says ‘always had my corner’) hugely valuable.  As one of our surrogate managers, Teresa now supports women becoming surrogates. With a calm nature and strong sense of practicality, she helps them to understand what surrogacy is like and whether it is right for them, as well as guiding them through what they need to consider and put in place so we can make the right match for them. Prior to working with us, Teresa was a teacher of Business Studies at a further education college.  She has two daughters with her long-time partner and is currently matched with another couple on a second surrogacy journey.

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