Kelly Blaxall (She/her)


With a lively and approachable nature, Kelly is a lawyer and manages our paralegal team.  She has leading expertise in UK and international surrogacy, including British nationality and passports for children born through surrogacy, and in adoption and conception law. She also routinely drafts specialist wills.

She has been a member of our team since 2017 and qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer in 2024. A graduate in psychology, Kelly previously worked in pressurised and emotive family roles as a Therapeutic Practitioner in a children’s home.

She cares passionately about surrogacy, non-traditional families and providing exceptional client service.

What clients say about Kelly…

Thank you Kelly for making this happen and guiding us so clearly through the process.

We would like to thank you immensely for your support and guidance through this process. The Court process was interesting and lovely. We felt very moved by it. You’ve both been super helpful , encouraging and made the process so much easier. Thank you ever so much, we are so grateful. 

We really appreciate the seamless support we’ve received in this process. I work with a lot of lawyers and other professional services organisations for one reason or another and I have to say this was up there as the best experience yet.

Thank you Kelly for making this happen and guiding us so clearly through the process.

I highly recommend Kelly and hope that other families with similar issues that need resolution find your practice.

Thank you very much to you, Kelly and the entire team for working so hard for us. We have had an excellent service which both of us are very happy and pleased about. Thank you for keeping us so well informed every step of the way. Knowing that you were working for us made us feel extremely confident that things would be handled as professionally and efficiently as possible.  We can’t thank you enough. You are a great team.

Published articles


Concerning shifts in the shrinking world of global surrogacy


Bionews, 2023


When fathers are mothers:

Re TT and the absurdity of modern family law that does not include transgender parents

The Review, 2020


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