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We are the UK’s leading surrogacy lawyers, a team which has helped create more families through surrogacy, in more countries, than any other UK surrogacy solicitors.

Surrogacy lawyers who live and breathe surrogacy

We are passionate about championing surrogacy, and have spent decades forging creative new paths through UK surrogacy law and winning change for the families we support.

The UK’s leading surrogacy law firm, we offer expert legal advice and legal services for both surrogacy in the UK and, if you are British or live in the UK, international surrogacy.

International surrogacy legal services

If you are building your family through international surrogacy, we can help you manage UK law confidently and smoothly, offering all the UK legal services you need under one roof.

From the UK’s first international surrogacy case in 2008, we are international surrogacy lawyers who have supported more than a thousand families navigating surrogacy overseas.

Surrogacy legal advice

Legal review meetings to understand how UK law fits with the surrogacy process you are following abroad.

Parenthood and parental orders

Advice and legal representation services to help you navigate the UK legal process by which you will become your child’s legal parents.

British nationality and passports

Help with getting your child home and securing his or her British nationality and passport.

Specialist wills

Expert support with wills to protect your family during the surrogacy process in case the worst happens.

With support from Brilliant Beginnings


We also offer a fully-managed US Surrogacy Pathway, working alongside our sibling organisation Brilliant Beginnings and providing integrated UK legal advice throughout.

Brilliant Beginnings also offers personal Surrogacy Consultations for those at an early stage of considering international surrogacy.

What our clients say to us…

Massive thank you for the hard work that went into today’s result. I went for a solitary walk when I got home and cried thinking at how monumental today is, how amazing your team has been, how gracious the judge was, how we are making history thanks to you, how hardly anyone has any idea how long and difficult this journey has been, how lucky I am to have the incredible team I do.  And most of all the blessing and love of my children in my life.

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are. To us, you and your team are like the super heroes who swooped in and saved the day. At a time when our world seemed to be falling apart, you stepped in and gave us hope, reassurance and facilitated a path to bring our babies back home safely [from Ukraine]. You are forever a part of our little girl’s story.

It’s been a pleasure to work with all of you. If only everyone in the journey had been as kind and organised as all of you at Brilliant Beginnings and NGA! We’re so grateful for all of your help and guidance. I’m sure we’ll be in touch in the future when we embark on surrogacy journey number two. 

We really appreciate the seamless support we’ve received in this process. I work with a lot of lawyers and other professional services organisations for one reason or another and I have to say this was up there as the best experience yet.

We can’t thank you enough for the hard work you’ve all put in to obtain our parental order for us.  This [bouquet] seems a poor token for our immense gratitude.

Thank you so much to the whole team again. You really made it a pain free process. And even on the court date we felt so much more confident with you there (+all the work the whole team did).

You have just been absolutely amazing throughout and we feel incredibly lucky to have discovered your companies [NGA Law and Brilliant Beginnings].  Thank you so much for setting them up in the first place.

You were all absolutely brilliant at getting us back home and making this whole process as easy as it could have been for us.

Thank you all for your help and for making it such a pleasant, straightforward process for us. We are absolutely delighted and still pinching ourselves.

As a single male to female transgender person looking to start a family through international surrogacy, thank you for making me feel welcomed and supported.

I am glad we are in touch with yourselves as our legal point of contact for surrogacy and would recommend you to anyone else looking for an efficient and bespoke service.

Thank you to you and the team for your guidance, not just with the parental order but with all your help.  I would love to say we hope to work together again, but we looked at each other the other day when all thee children had been coughing all night and said ‘we are done!’.  We feel so privileged and so grateful to you and to everyone who helped along the way.

We would like to thank you immensely for your support and guidance through this process. The Court process was interesting and lovely. We felt very moved by it. You’ve both been super helpful , encouraging and made the process so much easier. Thank you ever so much, we are so grateful. 

Thank you to you all for all your hard work in preparation for the hearing which made it go so smoothly and quick. You are all incredible ladies! 

Thank you so much for your incredible support in getting us to this final point in our journey. You’ve both been beyond amazing and we can’t thank you enough for your hard work, dedication and most of all taking the time to get to know us. Today went really well thanks to you. The session lasted no more than a handful of minutes and we spent more time chatting and taking pics than the formalities 🙂 

We got there so thank you to BB and NGA Law!  A really smooth process and we are very grateful to the team.

We wanted to say a big “thank you” for prepping us for our day in court. It went really smoothly. Half a dozen couples and their babies all in together for the orders to be made. We’re really grateful for all your help and support.

Many thanks Robyn. It’s been great working with you and the team at NGA as well.

It has been a real pleasure to work with you and colleagues in NGA – everyone is so professional and supportive, and it has been absolutely amazing! Thanks a million and best regards.

Thank you very much to you, Kelly and the entire team for working so hard for us. We have had an excellent service which both of us are very happy and pleased about. Thank you for keeping us so well informed every step of the way. Knowing that you were working for us made us feel extremely confident that things would be handled as professionally and efficiently as possible.  We can’t thank you enough. You are a great team.

We would like to thank the whole NGA team for getting us this far, you have all been wonderful. A very special thanks to Robyn who has had to hold our hands through the whole process of gathering and presenting the supporting information and has always done her best to explain the requirements in the simplest terms. 

There are no words that can express our depth of gratitude for your expert help, kindness, patience and support in bringing our baby into the world.  The people and organisations you have introduced us to and your advice has been exceptional. It has been quite a hard journey to get here and we’re so happy.  We literally just can’t imagine how it would have been without Brilliant Beginnings and NGA.  

Legal services for surrogacy in the UK


If you are building your family through UK surrogacy we can help you navigate the law smoothly and comfortably, from initial planning through to securing your status as your child’s legal parents.

UK surrogacy legal advice

Legal review meetings to help you plan and set things up properly.  We can also confirm to your UK fertility clinic that we have advised you.

Parental orders

Advice and legal representation options to help you manage your court application and getting your child’s new birth certificate.

Post-birth limbo issues

Help with birth registration, parental responsibility and any other legal issues that arise before you are your child’s legal parents.

Specialist wills

An easy remote service to create wills to protect you, your surrogate and your child in case the worst happens.

With support from Brilliant Beginnings


We also offer a UK Surrogacy Pathway, as well as a fully-supported Agreement Pathway for those who have already found their surrogate, working alongside our sibling organisation Brilliant Beginnings and providing integrated legal services throughout.

Brilliant Beginnings also offers personal Surrogacy Consultations for those at an early stage of considering surrogacy.

Pieces we’ve written about surrogacy

International surrogacy: the dangers of oversimplifying a complex picture

Bionews, 2020

Modern surrogacy practice and reform

Journal of Medical Law and Ethics, 2016

After the birth of Elton’s baby, can the UK deliver surrogacy law reform?

The Guardian, 2010

How we have made a difference to surrogacy


The Ukraine war 

We gave emergency help to all the British parents with babies born during the Ukraine war, securing government support, helping bring home 46 babies, and winning a Home Secretary decision to issue special visas to pregnant surrogates.


Emergency measures during the COVID pandemic

We successfully lobbied the UK government to create an emergency passport process for stranded surrogate babies. We also persuaded the HFEA to permit the export of eggs, sperm and embryos overseas for surrogacy.


Ending discrimination against single parents

We won a High Court declaration that surrogacy law’s exclusion of single parents was incompatible with human rights, prompting both a law change to allow single parents to apply for parental orders, and a wider Law Commission review of the law.


Maternity leave for surrogacy

We ran a campaign from 2008 to 2015 and via a Private Members’ Bill in Parliament secured a special form of adoption leave for parents through surrogacy who, until then, had no right to time off work when their child was born.

Considering surrogacy and need more support?

Our sibling organisation, Brilliant Beginnings, is a non-profit surrogacy agency, founded by the NGA Law directors in 2013 to support safe ethical surrogacy.

Brilliant Beginnings offers personal advice consultations as well as managed surrogacy pathways in the UK and USA which include full legal support from NGA Law. 

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