Campaigning for U.K. transgender law reform

NGA_Stock_179The government consultation on reform of the Gender Recognition Act closes on Friday at 11pm. If you haven’t responded already, please do. Stonewall have produced some very helpful guidance and it takes less than 10 minutes to respond. 

Our team submitted our response last week. We support a process of self-identification for transgender and non-binary people amending their birth certificates. We also want parents who conceive children to be able to choose the most appropriate parental title on their child’s birth certificate.

We have also been campaigning hard this week, countering the misinformation being circulated (even in the mainstream media) about GRA reform threatening women’s rights. On Tuesday Natalie defended better law on gender recognition in a difficult 45 minute discussion on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour.  On Wednesday, Natalie and Sue were asked to write for RightsInfo explaining why women’s rights and gender recognition reform are not opposing objectives.

Sue also wrote an article this week about how transgender parents are treated by the family courts, published in The Sybils (Christian Spirituality Group for Gender Variant People).

At NGA Law we champion LGBT people and families, including transgender and non-binary clients. You can find out more about gender identity law from our Knowledge Centre.

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