NGA Law wins ‘Highly Commended’ award at the Family Law Awards 2021

November 26, 2021

We are honoured to have received an award at the Family Law Awards, the major annual awards ceremony for UK family law solicitors, this year.

‘Highly Commended’ for Community Interaction – surrogacy

The award recognises the change-making work we have done this year to support the surrogacy community, including:

  • Our ground-breaking new holistic surrogacy pathways, offered in combination with our sister organisation non-profit surrogacy agency Brilliant Beginnings, which help guide intended parents and surrogates through every step of surrogacy in the UK, USA or Canada, combining legal and practical support at every step to keep everyone safe.
  • The work we have done to change the law to help families through surrogacy during the pandemic, including winning an emergency UK passport application process for surrogate babies stranded overseas from the Home Office and Passport Office (spring 2020), and persuading the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to update its regulatory guidance to UK fertility clinics so that intended parents could ship embryos overseas for surrogacy while themselves subject to travel restrictions (October 2020).
  • Our work on wider surrogacy law reform, including our contribution to the Law Commission’s surrogacy law reform project (2018-22).  We are passionate about securing law which recognises the shared intention at the heart of a surrogacy journey, includes all different family forms, and ensures that children born through surrogacy are not left vulnerably by being born in legal limbo.

A huge thank you to Lexis Nexis for nominating us for this award and for recognising our work. We are passionate about helping the surrogacy community, and love making a difference however we can.

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