The Fertility Podcast interviews Natalie Gamble

February 12, 2020

Natalie was pleased to speak to The Fertility Podcast recently about her work and experience. You can listen to the full 45 minute programme here.

Here is what The Fertility Podcast had to say about it

Meet Natalie Gamble: her firm NGA Law has just celebrated 10 years and was the first fertility law firm in the UK. Natalie has two teenage children with her wife and talked to Kate and I about starting her family and deciding to dedicate her work to helping others who were conceiving in different ways, whether that was fertility treatment, donation or surrogacy.

Her drive has always been helping other people make their families possible, wanting to change the rules, change the law, make things more inclusive, and enable families who may feel marginalised or think what they are doing isn’t typical to feel that they are just as valid and deserving of the law to recognise them.

Natalie explained how there needs to be a change in surrogacy law and discussed the Law Commission’s current project to review it.

Brilliant Beginnings, which Natalie founded in 2013 with business partner Helen Prosser, was created to help parents and surrogates have the surrogacy process managed in a fully supported way, including preparation to think through all the key decisions, bespoke 1-1 matching and help through the process. Natalie also talked about her experience of working with families created through co-parenting and known donation.

Natalie’s advice is that non-traditional family building is never an accident. Don’t rush. Be honest about expectations and communicate them. Access professional support. Try not to get overwhelmed. Take your time. Remember how much has changed in 20 years and how many options there now are.

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