NGA quoted in The Sun – I fulfilled a stranger’s dying wish by using his frozen sperm

The Sun has reported the case of single mum Liat Malka who conceived her daughter with frozen sperm from a deceased donor, after meeting his parents who desperately wanted to have a grandchild.

Quoting NGA as leading experts in UK fertility law, the article says:

“As a general rule, posthumous conception is only possible where there is a written signed consent to post-death storage and use (although consents provided before 1 October 2009 only had to be in writing and not signed),” state Natalie Gamble Associates. 

“In 2003, it was recognised that men conceiving posthumously should be acknowledged as the fathers of their children.

“The law was amended to allow a father conceiving posthumously to be named as the father on his child’s birth certificate.”

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