NGA part of BBC Radio 4 programme: Same-sex parents

September 22, 2014

Natalie was delighted to be part of a half hour special feature on BBC Radio 4 about the different ways same-sex couples are choosing to have children – and the legal issues.

Radio 4 describes the programme as follows:

Mary Smeeth, herself a mother of 2 boys brought up in a same sex relationship, discovers the different ways same sex couples are choosing to conceive, from donor sperm to adoption to co-parenting with a friend. She talks to Professor Susan Golombok, Director for Family Research at Cambridge University who has been studying the children of same sex couples since the 1970s. We also meet Natalie Gamble, who has built her legal practice around advising families with same sex couples. We visit an ‘Out With The Family’ event where same sex parents and their children can meet each other. We speak to actors Sophie Ward and Charlie Condou who are both parents in same sex relationships and we meet Cory and Ben who have just adopted a 5 year old and live in a small rural community.

Listen to the programme in full here.

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