NGA Law quoted in GLAMOUR – How single women are choosing to become mothers on their own, or not at all

November 20, 2023

NGA has been quoted in a piece in GLAMOUR about how more women are choosing to become mothers with the help of sperm donors and fertility treatments. The piece highlights how this increasingly popular movement has ultimately redefined the narrative around single motherhood to a proactive and empowered decision.

We were quoted in the piece about the different options available to women that wished to become single mothers through donor conception and the legalities surrounding this:

Natalie Gamble, one of the UK’s leading fertility lawyers and founder of NGA Law, explains that there are various routes to conceiving as a solo mother, each with their own legal implication.


“They could do it through a clinic with an unknown donor, or they could conceive with a known donor, perhaps a friend or someone they meet online,” she says. “There can be big legal differences in terms of whether the donor is considered a fine parent, whether he has a right to be legally involved and whether he is financially responsible for the child, so being clear about the legal position is so important.”


Natalie points out that UK law has only really recognised solo mothers using donors in the past 11 years.


“Many years ago, UK law required clinics to ‘consider the child’s need for a father’ before giving treatment,” she says, “which was a veiled discouragement of clinics treating solo mothers, but that was changed in 2009, to make sure solo mothers could access fertility treatment with the same rights as couples.”

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