Natalie speaks at the American Bar Association conference about surrogacy law

Natalie was delighted to speak at the American Bar Association’s conference in Boston, USA on 1-4 May 2024, joining an expert panel of surrogacy law experts from the UK, New Zealand and South Africa.

Natalie, a member of the ABA Assisted Reproduction Law committee since 2010, delivered a joint talk with fellow UK lawyer Sarah Williams, talking about how US parentage orders are not automatically recognised in the UK, what UK parents need to do to bring their children home and resolve their parentage under UK law, and discussing the policy stance the UK has taken toward commercial surrogacy and the welfare of children more widely. Margaret Casey KC spoke similarly from New Zealand, and Zenobia Du Toit from South Africa. The panel was chaired by US attorney Molly O’Brien, and was designed to reflect the legal experience of countries which accept and permit surrogacy but with some caution around its commercial elements. 

The conference, which took place over 4 days in wonderful Boston, was fascinating, involving several hundred lawyers from all over the US and the world, representing a range of global perspectives on surrogacy and assisted reproduction.

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