Natalie and Helen speak at the Law Commission Surrogacy Symposium, 12 September 2019

September 16, 2019

The NGA and BB teams were delighted to attend the Law Commission Surrogacy Symposium in London on Thursday which proved to be an insightful and truly fascinating afternoon of discussions.

We were in good company too and it was wonderful to see and, hear from so many other professionals working in the field of surrogacy including (but not exhaustively), other not-for-profit surrogacy agencies, counsellors, fertility clinics, lectures and academics; it really was an impressive gathering.

Natalie and Helen also sat on panels and spoke about the law commission’s proposals in relation to regulation and payments to surrogates, topics which never fail to spark debate!

It was also a humbling and proud moment to hear from one of our surrogates and, a former intended parent who spoke to delegates about their personal experiences and what they would like to see changed in the current law make things easier for future surrogate’s and intended parents – their personal accounts were an invaluable contribution to the topics of conversation and we are extremely grateful to both of them – you rock.

The day was truly thought-provoking and made our teams feel honoured to work in an area where there is so much passion and good will to make the current laws better for everyone involved in a surrogacy arrangement.

We are confident about positive change and thank everyone for so passionately sharing their views for our digestion.

Thank you also to the Law Commission for inviting us to be involved

If you want our help, please contact us at We’re still collecting views from our clients and others we work with to inform our response to the law commission consultation paper so feel free to let us know your thoughts.

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