Law Commission launches public consultation on UK surrogacy law reform

June 6, 2019
The Law Commissions of England and Wales and Scotland have today launched their public consultation on U.K. surrogacy law reform, with provisional recommendations as to how the law should be brought up to date. The consultation paper is a meaty read at 474 pages but grapples with a range of complex issues with balance and care, and reflects a broad range of views. At NGA Law and Brilliant Beginnings we have been delighted to support the Law Commission in its work to get to this stage, along with many other stakeholders. The Law Commission are asking for input before final recommendations are made to government and the consultation will be open until 27 September 2019.

Key Law Commission surrogacy reform recommendations

* A new surrogacy pathway for some U.K. surrogacy arrangements (those which involve fertility clinics or licensed surrogacy organisations) which enables the intended parents to be the legal parents from birth without a court process, provided the surrogate agrees

* An improved post-birth parental order process for arrangements which fall outside this, in particular international surrogacy and independent traditional surrogacy cases

* A licensing system for U.K. surrogacy organisations to ensure common standards

* A national register of information to preserve  information for surrogate children

We will be reviewing and considering the proposals in detail and will share our thoughts in due course.

“NGA Law and Brilliant Beginnings have campaigned for more than a decade for surrogacy law reform, and are delighted the Law Commissions have taken on this project. Having supported more than
a thousand families through surrogacy, we see on a daily basis the difficulties arising from the current law, which is outdated, cumbersome and does not adequately protect the interests of surrogates, intended parents or children.”

You can read more and respond to the Law Commission consultation here. If you aren’t quite ready for the full 474 pages, there is an excellent info graphic summary here.

Find out more about our campaign for law reform from the Brilliant Beginnings website.

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