Wills and life insurance for surrogacy

boy painting wallIt is important to protect everyone involved in a surrogacy arrangement against the risk of one of the adults involved dying unexpectedly.  Most intended parents pay for life insurance for their surrogate, to make sure that her family is financially protected if anything happens to her as a result of the pregnancy.

All those involved in a surrogacy arrangement should also make or update their wills in advance of the birth.

The intended parents should:

  • Provide for the payment of expenses to their surrogate
  • Provide for their child (both by appointing guardians and by giving him or her a right of inheritance).

The surrogate and her partner should:

  • Appoint the intended parents as legal guardians of their child
  • Exclude the surrogate-born child from having any rights of inheritance from them.

Care needs to taken over the definitions used, so it is advisable to have the will drawn up by a specialist in this area of law.



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