International Surrogacy Forum in Copenhagen

People attending conference in copenhagen

An important international conference on surrogacy took place in Copenhagen in June 2023, which Natalie was delighted to attend.  A follow up from a 2019 meeting at Cambridge University, the conference brought together surrogacy experts from every corner of the globe, including lawyers, academics, judges, and representatives from the Hague Conference’s parentage project and the European Union.

The conference discussed thought-provoking issues about the globalisation of surrogacy.  It was clear that there remains a substantial divergence of views about surrogacy around the world, and that the lack of global consensus is presenting a significant obstacle to resolving important questions about how to regulate surrogacy to ensure it operates ethically, and how to ensure that children are not left without secure legal parentage.

We are always pleased to be part of the global conversation on surrogacy, contributing a pragmatic perspective on the real challenges faced on the ground.

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