Health professionals and surrogacy agencies – last chance to contribute to Hague Conference’s work on surrogacy

October 24, 2013

We recently wrote for our blog about our evidence to the Hague Conference about whether international surrogacy should be regulated globally.  The Hague has now asked us to help them make a final appeal for information, targeting health professionals and surrogacy agencies across the world.  Here is their message:

The Hague Conference on Private International Law is currently seeking responses to two online Questionnaires on surrogacy. The deadlines for both have been extended to 8 November 2013:

The Hague Conference on Private International Law is a global inter-governmental organisation with 75 Members (74 countries and the European Union) which works to develop and service international treaties, including in the area of international child protection. The organisation is currently looking into the issues which may arise for children as a result of differing laws in countries concerning who are their legal parents. One area where this has become a particular problem is in the field of international surrogacy arrangements.

The responses to the two online Questionnaires will inform the writing of a report requested by Members of the Hague Conference on the topic of parentage / surrogacy and will facilitate Members’ consideration of whether the development of a new international treaty (i.e. a new Hague Convention) might be desirable and feasible. A new international treaty might include, for example, rules to ensure that the legal parentage of a child, established in one country, is recognised in all other countries which join the treaty. Such a treaty might also facilitate co-operation between countries concerning these matters and might set down minimum safeguards which must be complied with.

These questionnaires provide an important opportunity for those with relevant experience in this field to have their voice heard and to inform future work at the international level.

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