Surrogacy disputes - legal services

We are UK surrogacy lawyers with unrivalled experience in this area of law, how the courts deal with it and the emotions and sensitivities involved. Although disputes are rare in surrogacy cases, we provide expert legal support and legal representation when they do happen, including help with:

  • Disputes between parents and surrogates
  • Disputes between parents through surrogacy who are separating (with or without a parental order)
  • Disputes with social services and other officials

We provide legal advice and legal representation if you are involved in a dispute between a surrogate and intended parents.  Serious disputes of this kind are incredibly rare, but we have dealt with several of the landmark cases in which this has happened, as well as other cases we have successfully resolved without court proceedings.

We also work with parents who are separating after having a child through surrogacy. Complex legal and emotional issues can be involved depending on whether the separation takes place during the pregnancy, during the parental order process, or at a later stage (whether the parents have a parental order or not).

We also deal with disputes involving social services (for example where a referral is made unnecessarily simply because a child is being handed over in a normal surrogacy situation).

We offer advice on the options, and legal representation in negotiations and, where relevant, court proceedings.

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