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There have only been a handful of reported UK surrogacy cases where a surrogate has not handed the baby over to the intended parents, and the family court has awarded care in each case on the basis of what is in the child’s best interests.  Surrogacy disputes also include cases where parents through surrogacy separate or divorce, and where surrogates refuse consent to a parental order at a later stage.

With leading experience of both the legal issues and the emotional dynamics of surrogacy, and having handled many of the UK's leading cases on disputed surrogacy, our team can help you.

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Legal advice and representation for surrogacy disputes

We are leading legal experts in surrogacy law disputes, having acted in some of the most high profile UK surrogacy disputes heard by the High Court and having successfully resolved other cases without court proceedings.

Disputed surrogacy cases always need exceptionally sensitive handling from the outset, and we are skilled at resolving communication problems as well as managing litigated surrogacy cases with strategic care to give the best chance of success. 

Our work is usually charged on an hourly rate basis, with clear estimates and monthly billing so you know where you stand.

"Thank you so much for your help. You made the whole process feel totally under control and understandable - despite the system’s flaws!"

Resolving surrogacy disputes through mediation

Mediation is a professional service (separate from legal advice), which involves a qualified mediator guiding you through a meeting, or set of meetings, in which you will identify and discuss the issues between you and aim to reach an agreed way forward together.

Through this the mediator will get you to listen to each other and find a way forward together. Helen Prosser is our CEDR qualified mediator and has leading experience mediating surrogacy situations, with a unique understanding of the dynamics involved in surrogacy, which she deals with every day through Brilliant Beginnings.

Mediation will usually involve initial discussions with each of you, before a meeting involving you all (either in the same room or in separate rooms) with your mediator taking an active role.

Mediation is charged on an hourly rate basis.

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