Surrogacy in the UK - legal services

We are the UK’s leading surrogacy lawyers. The first to specialise in this area of law, we have experience helping over a thousand families, and have been responsible for nearly all the major cases which have shaped UK surrogacy law.

For those going through surrogacy in the UK, we work with intended parents and surrogates, as well as the professionals who support them.  We can help you navigate the legal issues smoothly under one roof. Our aim is not just to tell you what the law says, but to help you manage it, understanding what you need to do and the support or legal representation you will need when your child is born.

We usually arrange a fixed fee Legal Review intially with an experienced surrogacy lawyer in the first instance, which can cover:

  • The UK surrogacy law framework
  • Setting things up with your surrogate 
  • Fertility treatment forms and processes for surrogacy 
  • Birth registration after surrogacy
  • The parental order, including what the court is assessing and how the court process works in practice
  • How to manage the limbo period successfully.

We can also write to your fertility clinic to confirm we have advised you.

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How we help with navigating the law around UK surrogacy

From there our solicitors can support you with navigating UK surrogacy law practically and efficiently, including:

  • Legal help and representation in parental order applications
  • Help with any legal issues which arise during the limbo period
  • Specialist surrogacy wills
  • Practical surrogacy support through our sister organisation Brilliant Beginnings.

Although it only happens rarely, we also help when things go wrong, providing advice and legal representation in surrogacy disputes.

"Thank you all for your help and for making it such a pleasant, straightforward process for us. We are absolutely delighted and still pinching ourselves."

Parental order applications after surrogacy in the UK

If your UK surrogacy arrangement has been properly set up and you meet all the parental order criteria, your court application should be straightforward. However, many parents want support with the process, and we offer a range of services to help, including guidance on how to manage the process yourselves, help with preparing your evidence and legal representation from start to finish.

We also work with parents who, for whatever reason, are not able to apply for a parental order, finding creative ways of securing your family’s legal status.

Our services are charged on a fixed fee basis wherever possible so you know exactly where you stand. 

"We can't thank you enough for the hard work you've all put in to obtain our parental order for us. This [bouquet] seems a poor token for our immense gratitude."

Help with surrogacy issues that arise during the post-birth period

Sometimes legal issues arise during the limbo period before a parental order is granted.  Our solicitors can help you with communication issues with your surrogate, birth registration, the exercise of parental responsibility or problems involving maternity hospitals, doctors or social services. We can advise you on resolving these issues in the most practical way, with a clear understanding of your legal rights in the pre and post-birth periods.

Specialist wills for surrogacy

We prepare specialist wills for intended parents and surrogates, to protect everyone involved if there is an unexpected death during the UK surrogacy process. Wills are needed because your child may not have automatic rights of inheritance from the right people until your UK parental order is granted.  

Our long experience means we understand the what a surrogacy will needs to say to protect you, as well as dealing with the wider protection of your family.  Our easy remote service enables you to make or update your wills via telephone/Skype and email, for a fixed fee. 

International surrogacy law services

We also help families created through international surrogacy, including British parents based overseas and UK based parents conceiving through surrogacy in a wide range of international surrogacy destinations including the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Georgia and more.  If you have not yet decided on the right surrogacy route for you, we can also help you compare the options, covering legal parenthood, British nationality and other practicalities. Learn more about International surrogacy.

Need more than legal advice? Brilliant Beginnings can help

Our sister organisation is a non-profit surrogacy agency which offers practical help in tandem with our legal services if you need it. If you are at an early stage and researching your options, the Brilliant Beginnings Options Review service gives impartial personal advice on your surrogacy options, guiding you on the routes available, pros and cons, risks and costs.  Brilliant Beginnings also offers a UK Surrogacy Pathway (including matching with a screened surrogate and professional support all the way through as well as integrated UK legal support from NGA Law.  Brilliant Beginnings can also give help with your agreement if your surrogate is a friend our family member (Surrogacy Support service). 

Looking for more information about surrogacy in the UK?

Our free online Knowledge Centre contains guidance, published articles and access to the law and court forms you may need for:

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