Surrogacy law solicitors

We are the UK’s most experienced surrogacy solicitors, having helped more than 1,200 families created through surrogacy. As surrogacy lawyers, we have acted in nearly all the major reported cases which have shaped UK surrogacy law.

With unique practical experience on supporting parents using a surrogate to complete your family, we can help you with all aspects of surrogacy law under one roof. This isn’t something we do as a small part of our work; it is our specialism.

Our team of surrogacy solicitors deal with more parental order applications than any other law firm in the UK and we can help with everything else you need, including:

  • UK passports and nationality for children born through surrogacy overseas,
  • Drafting specialist wills
  • Legal advice on fertility treatment issues and moving embryos.

Through our non-profit sister surrogacy agency, Brilliant Beginnings, we also support the practicalities of surrogacy. As well as legal services, through Brilliant Beginnings we offer Options Reviews to help you find the right surrogacy route, support with friends and family surrogacy and Matching and Management services for surrogacy in the UK, US and Canada.

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Our surrogacy law services

Depending on where you are undertaking surrogacy, or your legal needs around surrogacy, our surrogacy solicitors can work with you to make the process clear and stress free. Click through to find out more about:

Need legal advice from a surrogacy lawyer?

We deal with UK and international surrogacy arrangements. Our surrogacy lawyers can give you strategic legal advice, whether you are planning surrogacy or need help with the UK legal processes to bring your child home and secure your legal status as a family.  

Our initial fixed fee Legal Review covers legal parenthood, cross-border issues, immigration and nationality (if your child is born outside the UK), birth registration, parental orders, and everything else you need to know about UK law, with practical guidance on what you need to do, how and when.

Looking for information about surrogacy law?

Our free online Knowledge Centre contains guidance, published articles and access to the law and court forms you may need for:

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