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We have leading expertise and unrivalled experience as surrogacy solicitors, having helped create more than a thousand families through surrogacy, been the lawyers behind nearly all the cases which have shaped UK surrogacy law (including the UK's first ever international surrogacy case) and been immersed in the practical realities of surrogacy for many years. We care deeply about our clients and love finding creative solutions to make families possible, to give parents confidence and to help navigate legal processes efficiently. We deal with more parental order applications than any other UK surrogacy solicitors every year.

Need legal advice from a surrogacy lawyer?

Our surrogacy lawyers can help you manage everything you need from UK surrogacy law under one roof, including:

  • Helping you plan for surrogacy in the UK or overseas
  • Parental order applications (or other court applications if a parental order isn’t possible) to secure parentage
  • UK passports and British nationality if your child is born through surrogacy overseas
  • Specialist wills
  • Legal advice on fertility treatment and moving embryos
  • Legal help with any surrogacy disputes that arise.

Through our sister organisation Brilliant Beginnings (a non-profit surrogacy agency), we also support surrogacy practically. If you are exploring your surrogacy options Brilliant Beginnings can offer personal advice through an Options Reviews to help you find the right surrogacy route for you. Brilliant Beginnings also offers professionally-managed surrogacy pathways in the UK, US and Canada, and full UK legal support from NGA Law throughout the process is included to provide a holistic professional support service.

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Our surrogacy law services

Whatever your legal needs around surrogacy, our surrogacy solicitors can make the process clear and stress free. Find out more about:

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Our free online Knowledge Centre contains guidance, published articles and the law and court forms you may need for:

Contact us to arrange a meeting in person or remotely. You can fill in our contact form, call us on +44 (0) 20 3701 5915 or email us.

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