Adoption in the UK - legal services

We work with a diverse range of parents applying for adoption in the UK. Some are adopting an unrelated child from the care system. Others are applying to adopt a relative’s child, or a step-child who is already living with them.  We also help LGBT and other parents through assisted reproduction who are not automatically recognised as legal parents.

How we help as UK adoption solicitors

If you are applying to the family court for an adoption order in England and Wales, we can help you understand and manage the legal process.

We usually arrange a fixed fee Legal Review with an experienced adoption law solicitor in the first instance.

We can explain the effect of an adoption order, what else you can do to secure your family’s status in the meantime, and walk you through the process you need to follow. Our aim is for our advice to be as practical as possible, so that if you wish you can manage the legalities yourselves going forward.  

We normally charge for initial advice on a fixed fee basis.

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Helping you apply for an adoption order

Adoption applications can be straightforward, but many parents value legal support with the court process, and we offer a range of services to help you, including guidance on what to do, help with preparing your evidence and legal representation from start to finish. 

Our work is in some cases charged on a fixed fee basis and in others on an hourly rate basis (with a clear estimate of overall costs and regular updates).

Specialist wills for adoptions

We prepare specialist wills for parents, to protect you and your child in case there is an unexpected death before your adoption order is granted.

Our long experience means that you know the parentage law quirks are taken care of, and our easy remote service enables you to make or update your wills via telephone/Skype and email, for a fixed fee.

Looking for more information about UK adoption law?

Our free online Knowledge Centre contains guidance, published articles, law and the forms you may need about:

UK agency adoption

Securing parental rights in respect of your child

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