Comment piece published in Bionews about the Pope’s comments on surrogacy

January 22, 2024

Natalie Gamble (Director of NGA Law), Professor Kirsty Horsey and Professor Emily Jackson have written a joint comment piece for this week’s Bionews, responding to the Pope’s recent comments about surrogacy being ‘deplorable’ and a ‘violation of the dignity of the woman and child’ and calling for a worldwide ban. 

Their comment piece is written in support of surrogacy, sharing their experience as leading professionals working in and researching real surrogacy. They highlight the inaccuracy of Pope Francis’s categorisation of surrogacy as inherently exploitative, citing the evidence from various research projects which demonstrate positive long-term outcomes in surrogacy cases. They also highlight the importance, both in principle and practice, of robust regulatory frameworks to ensure ethical surrogacy practice, and explain how policymakers should be implementing regulation, not prohibition.

You can read the full article in BioNews here.

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