Emergency help for UK parents through Ukraine surrogacy

In response to the war, our team has been working to support all British parents with or expecting babies through surrogacy in Ukraine. If you are need our help, please contact us at hello@ngalaw.co.uk

We are currently giving free legal help to 32 families, and as the situation evolves and changes, we will continue to work alongside surrogacy professionals, government contacts and others to share information and help however we can.

Practical and legal advice on travel documents for babies

Read our free guidance for parents expecting a child through surrogacy in Ukraine, including information on the process for getting emergency travel documents and good sources of practical information.

Help from the UK government

We are keeping the UK government informed of the details of all British parents we are aware of who need their help. If you want to be added to the list to ensure you get the support you need, contact us at hello@ngalaw.co.uk.

The Foreign Office is supporting every family on a case by case basis with emergency passports once babies are born. We are also currently discussing the need for help with arranging safe strategies to evacuate newborns, surrogates and their families (and their surrogates and their families).

Visas for pregnant surrogates

Following a letter written by our founder Natalie Gamble (working with leading immigration lawyer Barry O’Leary), the Home Secretary has agreed to issue special visas to pregnant surrogates carrying babies for British parents (and their immediate families). The visas are for 3 years, cover surrogates and their children (and potentially other dependents on a case by case basis) and give the right to access healthcare, benefits and to work in the UK. Several have already been granted, and the application process if being expedited.

If your surrogate wishes to come to the UK let us know and we can help you with the application.