Kelly spoke with Rainbow Sisters in November 2021

Kelly was delighted to speak to Rainbow Sisters last month to discuss family law with its members. 

“Rainbow Sisters is a supportive, welcoming and confidential group open to lesbian, bisexual and trans women, and non-binary people seeking asylum.”

The Rainbow Sisters group comes together weekly with a number of speakers and NGA were delighted to be asked to talk to them about LBT+ families and routes to parenthood. They provided a very safe place and the women celebrated together in their own successes and supported each other in sharing their stories. 

Kelly discussed the law in the UK, including the differences between legal parenthood and parental responsibility – who has this and what does it mean? And how do I get it? She also talked through a number of routes to creating families such as sperm-donation, co-parenting and surrogacy.

Finally, Kelly explained how to secure rights for existing children in the family, by way of agreement, court order, step-parent adoption and the benefit of putting in place wills. 

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