LBT Women’s Health Week: Webinar with Natalie Gamble

Natalie was pleased to support LBT Women’s Health Week this year with a talk to leading national charity Fertility Network UK about the options lesbian, bisexual and transgender women have for starting a family.

Watch the recorded webinar

It includes discussion of donor conception options in and outside fertility clinics, legal parenthood for lesbian couples, the risks and benefits of conceiving with a donor you know, the rules on information about donors following UK clinic conception, and some of the legal issues for transgender women starting a family.

The 30 minute webinar, is available here:

Why we support LBT Women’s Health Week

At NGA Law we support a diverse range of modern families, understanding that what matters to children is not the number or gender of their parents but that they are loved. We are happy to support modern families to be created and to set things up with the best legal recognition.

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