Becoming legal parents after surrogacy – it may not be too late

January 29, 2015
Nicola has written an article for Gay Star News about the implications of the recent High Court ruling allowing late parental order applications.  For gay dads (and other parents) who already have a child through surrogacy but missed the boat for applying for a parental order, it may not now be too late.  The High Court’s decision brings a possible second chance to apply to become legal parents in the UK and to get a UK birth certificate.

Why bother?  Because without a UK court order, parents through surrogacy are not recognised as legal parents in the UK.  That stores up potential problems over passports, inheritance, decision-making and what happens if the parents separate or die.

For parents feeling anxious about this, it may not now be too late to get things sorted out.

Read Nicola’s Gay Star News article or find out more about parental orders from our Knowledge Centre.

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