LGBT+ family disputes

We help LGBT+ clients navigating family law difficulties, offering legal advice and legal representation services which understand, not just the law, but also the emotional and practical dynamics of being an LGBT+ family.                                                        

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Divorce and civil partnership dissolution

If you are getting divorced or dissolving your civil partnership, our experienced solicitors can offer advice, guidance and legal representation services.  In particular, we advise on complex issues around status if you have entered into an overseas marriage or domestic partnership, and need to untangle your legal status under UK law before dissolving your union. 

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Financial matters

Reaching a financial settlement is a key part of most divorces, civil partnership dissolutions and separations.  Good advice is key for LGBT+ clients whose financial circumstances (and caring responsibilities) are variable and often do not fit traditional gender norms.  We can advise you on what the family court is likely to order if you cannot agree things yourselves, and provide robust strategic legal representation in negotiations or any court process to reach a financial settlement (or ultimately a court order).  

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Children disputes

If you are not able to agree arrangements for your children, then you may need help to settle who your children should live with and spend time with, financial arrangements, or whether you can move abroad.  You may also be involved in a dispute about whether you or someone else is a legal parent of your child.

We have leading experience working with LGBT+ parents on children law issues, representing parents in many of the UK’s landmark cases. We can advise you on your legal position as well as provide legal support or legal representation if a court application is needed. We understand the often sensitive emotional dynamics around biology, sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as the law around parenthood and status, and provide robust and strategic legal representation.

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Family creation disputes

LGBT+ families are often conceived with the help of others, whether surrogates, donors or co-parents, and that can sometimes lead to disputes. We have handled many of the UK’s leading cases in this area, including surrogacy disputes and disputes about the roles and responsibilities of known donors and co-parents.  We offer pragmatic advice about how to resolve things, and expert legal representation in the family court, understanding both the complexities of the law and the sensitive emotional dynamics involved.

Find out more about how we can help with children disputes following donor conception, and surrogacy disputes.

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Our free online Knowledge Centre contains guidance, published articles, law and access to the forms you may need, including:

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