Gender identity

We work with trans clients across a range of family and fertility law issues (using the term trans inclusively to cover transgender, non-binary, gender diverse and other non cisgender identities).

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Gender recognition legal services

We advise on the process and implications of changing legal gender under UK law, including applying for a UK gender recognition certificate and advising on the UK status of a gender change marker obtained in another jurisdiction.  

We are vocal supporters of Gender Recognition Act reform (speaking on Woman’s Hour and writing for Rights Info), given the clear need for a more modern process of self-determination for changing birth certificates and updated law on parental titles.

Gender identity and family creation

We provide legal services to trans clients in relation to family creation law.  

Our team can advise you and offer legal services if you are creating a family through:

Family law disputes involving gender identity

We can also help if you are separating from a partner, or are involved in a dispute concerning your children. Being trans may be an issue in your case or may not be an issue at all, but we can help you navigate the legal process in an inclusive space and with experience of the emotional dynamics as well as the law.

We are also passionate about representing trans parents and children whose identity has become part of a family law dispute. 

No parent should need to give up their relationship with their children if they decide to transition, and we are experienced in sensitive and pragmatic legal representation.  We also represent supportive parents of trans children, providing legal advice and legal representation in family court applications (for example where separated parents cannot agree on parenting issues or who a child should live with or spend time with).  

We work closely with the leading charity Mermaids to give legal support to UK trans and gender diverse children.

Looking for more information about gender identity law?

Our free online Knowledge Centre contains guidance, published articles, law and forms including information about:

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Contact us to arrange a meeting in person, by Skype or telephone.

You can fill in our contact form, call us on +44 (0) 20 3701 5915 or email us