Creating LGBT+ families

We support LGBT+ parents who are planningfamilies and managing the legal issues and processes involved.  Our unrivalled legal expertise and practical experience means that our advice is holistic and gives real practical solutions.  We often start with a fixed-fee legal review meeting and from there offer a range of services depending on the help you need.                                     

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We help gay dads, single parents and transgender parents to build families through surrogacy, both in the UK and overseas. The UK’s most experienced surrogacy lawyers, we offer all the UK legal services for surrogacy you need in one place, as well as practical help with both UK and international surrogacy through our sister organisation Brilliant Beginnings. Find out more about our surrogacy law services.

"As a single male to female transsexual looking to start a family through international surrogacy I always felt welcomed and supported."

Donor conception and co-parenting

We help same-sex and single parents to build families through donor conception and co-parenting (whether cisgender or trans). Whether you need help with clinic forms, putting in place a pre-conception agreement, understanding legal parenthood or navigating post-birth legal processes (including disputes and step-parent adoptions), we can help.  We also deal with international case and can help with British nationality and consular birth certificates for children born to LGBT+ parents overseas. Find out more about our donor conception and co-parenting law services.


LGBT+ single parents and couples can adopt under UK law, irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity. You may be adopting a child who is unrelated to you (in the UK or overseas) or you may be using adoption law to secure your connection with a child who is already a part of your family. We offer a range of adoption law advice, support and representation services to help you, and can also help with securing British nationality for your child. Find out more about our adoption law services.

Assisted reproduction

If you have stored eggs, sperm or embryos, you may need advice about the legal framework for storing them and using them in treatment.  We advise on a broad range of fertility law issues. Find out more about our assisted reproduction law services.     

Looking for more information about creating LGBT+ families?

Our free online Knowledge Centre contains guidance, published articles, law and access to the forms you may need, including information about:

Surrogacy law - including surrogacy in the UK, international surrogacy and surrogacy campaigning

Donor conception and co-parenting law - including treatment at a clinic, known donation and co-parenting, legal parenthood and donor conception campaigning

Adoption law - including UK adoption and inter-country adoption

Fertililty treatment law - including storage and use of eggs, sperm and embryos, posthumous conception, trans family creation

Contact us to arrange a meeting in person, by Skype or telephone.

You can fill in our contact form, call us on +44 (0) 20 3701 5915 or email us

"2020 has been a hard and emotional year for me but thanks to your support and advise, it was also a year that I could breathe without fearing I am doing something in the incorrect way. You really made things go easier than I had anticipated and your professional and cared guidance was truly appreciated!

I would also like to thank all NGA office for handling the case in a very thoughtful way. You are, indeed, very special people in the sector!"