UK donor conception: useful organisations

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
The HFEA regulates donor conception at licensed clinics in the UK and supports donor, donor-conceived people and their parents seeking information from the Register of Information.  

The Donor Conception Network
The Donor Conception Network is a UK national charity which provides invaluable support, information and resources to donor-conceived people and their families.  Their philosophy is to encourage openness about donor conception and to support parents talking about it.

The Donor Conceived Register
The Donor Conceived Register is a publicly-funded voluntary register for donors and families conceived through donation in the UK before 1991.  It helps make connections between genetic relatives who wish to contact each other by using clinic records and DNA testing.

The National Gamete Donation Trust
The National Gamete Donation Trust is a UK nationality charity which aims to recruit gamete donors and encourage best practice for donation in the UK.  It also runs the Donor Conceived Register, helping to match genetic relatives through donor conception from before 1991.

Pride Angel
PrideAngel is a UK donor-matching website which helps make connections between known sperm and egg donors, co-parents and recipients.

British Infertility Counselling Association
BICA is the UK's association of infertility counsellors, who provide information and emotional support to parents and donors conceiving through fertility treatment.

Fertility Network UK
Fertility Network UK is a leading national charity which gives information and support to those suffering from infertility, and which campaigns to promote the interests of fertility patients (in particular in respect of NHS funding for fertility treatment).