Straight couple takes their legal challenge to the Supreme Court in a bid to enter into a civil partnership rather than getting married

NGA_Stock_209On 14 May 2018 the Supreme Court heard the case of Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan and widespread media coverage has followed.

By way of background, Rebecca and Charles are a heterosexual couple who have been in a relationship for several years. They have been keen to formalise their relationship however, are not content with the only option available to them – marriage. In their case they have expressed their entrenched and clear opposition to marriage, which forms a backdrop to their desire to enter a civil partnership. In their own words, they ‘wish to form a civil partnership because that captures the essence of their relationship and values.’

Rebecca and Charles attended their local register office and were told they couldn’t form a civil partnership and so decided to launch a legal challenge in December 2014. A long legal battle has followed, with the Court of Appeal refusing them a judicial review of the Secretary of State’s decision not to propose a change in the law in February 2017, and subsequently an appeal which was heard over two days in the Supreme Court.

We will update the blog as soon as there is any news from the Supreme Court.


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