Co-parenting and known donation planning: is mediation the right way forward?

If you are planning a known donation or a co-parenting arrangement, mediation can be a really effective tool for helping you set strong foundations.  Sadly we see too many disputes arising after a child is born, and almost always the problems trace back to mismatched expectations or poor communication at the outset.  If you want to avoid these problems, communication is key – not just talking, but listening carefully, being realistic and honest and covering the right issues – and mediation can help you do that.

Although people tend to think of mediation as being for people who are in GPD_NGA_0086dispute, that isn’t necessarily the case.  In pre-conception planning mediations, all the potential parents are involved in a collaborative process – without there being any dispute.  A good mediator will sit down with you all and help guide you on the issues you need to work through (and challenge you constructively to communicate honestly and clearly).  Mediation provides a place for you to talk through your hopes for your family, such as how you see your role within the family unit working, and to draw on the experience of someone who has dealt with problem cases.   After the meeting, you or your mediator can draw up a pre conception agreement which is a written summary of the consensus that you’ve reached for you all to keep.  Although not legally binding, this document formalises the arrangements that have been discussed, and provides everyone involved with clarity.

At NGA we are committed to supporting positive family-building in lots of different ways.  As well as our legal services, Suzi Denton is a qualified mediator who supports intended families planning known donation and co-parenting arrangements. We find that those who have worked together at the outset and carefully thought through all of the potential issues are able to have the best possible start to their journey through pregnancy and beyond. Mediation provides a positive foundation for the start of your life as a family.

You can find out more about our mediation services on our website or please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 020 3701 5915.

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