Mediation and fertility law disputes

sunflowers_bMediation is an increasingly common way of resolving family disputes, and can be an effective alternative to lengthy and stressful court proceedings in appropriate cases. We were recently asked to write an article for the Review (a journal for family lawyers) on mediation in fertility law cases.

A lot of our disputed cases involve fertility related issues such as known donation disputes, surrogacy disputes and issues relating to parentage when same sex families break down. The flexibility of mediation lends itself to the differing dynamics of the structure of these types of families and can help to address sensitive issues. Mediation is a voluntary process and allows families in dispute to reach their own solutions with the assistance of a trained mediator, rather than have the uncertainty that can happen in court.

You can read the article here.  There is more information in our Knowledge Centre about how mediation works.  Find out more about our mediation services.

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