Natalie writes for Infertility Network UK magazine: Sperm donors given rights of contact – surely not?

National Infertility Awareness Week logo_bNatalie writes a regular article for the magazine published for UK fertility patients by leading charity Infertility Network UK.  Natalie’s article this quarter discusses sperm donation and the legal rights donors have if they want contact with their genetic offspring.  Read: Sperm donors given rights of contact – surely not?

Infertility Network UK is the UK’s leading national infertility charity, dedicated to supporting everyone affected by infertility and leaders of the National Infertility Awareness Campaign for fair and equitable access to NHS funding for fertility treatment.  You can find out more about the wonderful work I N UK does at or come and meet them at the Fertility Show, taking place as part of National Infertility Awareness Week 28 October to 3 November.

If you want to know more about lesbian parenting or sperm donation law, there is more information on our website.

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