Calling for sensible surrogacy law: Natalie writes for International Family Law

Natalie Gamble Associates leaflet on top of coloured balls_bThe Hague Conference on Private International Law announced last year that it was looking at regulating international surrogacy arrangements. Although the process is at an early stage, any international treaty on surrogacy could have a significant impact on the growing numbers of parents crossing borders to find surrogate mothers.

Natalie was asked to write an article for journal International Family Law, in response. Standing up for parents conceiving through surrogacy, Natalie’s article, which has been published this week, calls for the Hague to ensure it looks at surrogacy with a sophisticated understanding, and challenges the UK government to look again at how UK surrogacy law works, updating laws put in place in the 1980s to make them fit for the 21st century.

Read the article in full here (Surrgacy: creating a sensible national and international framework) or get in touch to join our campaign to improve the law for parents conceiving through surrogacy in the UK and abroad. There is more information about surrogacy law on our website.

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