NGA in today’s Independent: civil partnership five times more popular than expected

Natalie Gamble Associates leaflet stood upright on a table_bToday’s Independent reports the rising numbers of same sex couples registering as civil partners – and getting divorced.  According to the ONS, over 50,000 couples have now registered as civil partners, as against original estimates of 11,000 – 22,000.  The numbers of gay couples dissolving civil partnerships is also going up, with 672 dissolutions in 2011 (up 29% from 2010).  The article says:

Sarah Wood-Heath, a solicitor at Natalie Gamble Associates, which specialises in non-traditional family law, said: “An increase in dissolutions is a natural progression from the increase in the number of partnerships.  Often couples need special advice because of the way children are conceived in a same-sex partnership – and the custody issues surrounding that can be different.”

A spokesman for Stonewall, the gay rights campaign group, said: “It is evidently fantastic news that so many people have entered civil partnerships and that they have proved so popular. It is not just same-sex couples but wider society that supports this as well.”

We work with many alternative families, helping in their creation and dealing with problems which arise where relationships break down.  We are happily unsurprised to see that alternative families are a growing force in UK society, and proud of our embracing laws.  At NGA, we support the campaign for gay marriage as the next step for gay and lesbian equality.

We offer a full range of support with civil partnership dissolution for gay and lesbian couples, including financial and children issues.  There is more information about civil partnership dissolution on our website.  You can read The Independent article here.

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